Basic Tips for Camping

If you want your camping experience to be above par and match the standards of a great vacation time, then you should keep a few pointers in your head before going on this expedition.

  • Be familiar with your gear
  • Buy a big tent, enough for at least 4 people
  • Pack some dry clothes at the bottom
  • Pack hand sanitizer and soap
  • Keep a utility knife and length of rope
  • Stuff with sufficient pillows and keep extra bed sheet
  • Keep plenty of water and plan your meals (always keep extra)
  • A must have: Energy rich, easily prepared foods/snacks
  • Always keep a sweet chocolate/candy – like Polo
  • Bring pots, pans, dishes, and fire-starting materials
  • Use silica gel packs for cookware
  • Always keep a torch
  • Pack a first-aid kit, with basic medicines, band-aids, tablets, and Neosporin
  • Make sure to keep a check on connectivity options
  • Know your camping area: for medical emergencies, or other help
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