Advanced Java topics for an interview

  1. Multi-threading and Concurrent programming in Java.
  2. Java 8 Streams and Lambda Expressions.
  3. Generics and Type Erasure in Java.
  4. Object-Oriented Design Principles.
  5. Exception Handling in Java.
  6. Java Memory Model and Garbage Collection.
  7. Java Reflection API.
  8. Serialization and Deserialization in Java.
  9. Java Classloading and Bytecode Instrumentation.
  10. Java NIO and Network Programming.
  11. Java Security and Cryptography.
  12. Java Design Patterns.
  13. Java Annotation Processing.
  14. Java Native Interface (JNI) and Java Integration with C++.
  15. Java Microservices and Distributed Systems.
  16. Java Performance Tuning and Optimization.
  17. Java Build Tools and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
  18. Java testing frameworks, such as JUnit, TestNG, and Mockito.
  19. Java integration with databases and ORMs, such as Hibernate and JPA.
  20. Java Web Services, including RESTful and SOAP-based services.

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