Pune Travel Trek

12 Popular Trekking Destinations Near Pune

Monsoons are the preferred season for trekking when weather is Superb, and the landscape looks more attractive with the presence of mountains, hills, meadows, and dense forests. Pune has several trekking destinations where easy as well as difficulty trekking spots are found.  1. Rajmachi Trek Location: Near Udhewadi VillageHow to reach Rajmachi trek: bus/cab/trekDuration: 3-4 […]

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Forts Pune Trek

15 Forts near Pune for trekking and admiring

Be it the Marathas, Yadavas, or Chalukyas, rulers of every dynasty in Maharashtra gave tremendous importance to the construction and maintenance of forts. That’s one of the reasons you will find a fort in every nook and cranny of Maharashtra. Pune is a city that has many forts around it. Many of these forts were […]

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