Tue. Apr 7th, 2020

Puma’s $100 gaming sock for eSport Athletes

Puma’s latest shoe is socklike footwear designed specifically for video gamers.

Puma has announced a new line of gaming socks, or “Active Gaming Footwear,” designed to maximize your comfort and style on those 10-hour raids or your 40th battle royale loss of the day, as first reported by PC Gamer.

Source : Puma Website

The gaming shoes have a socklike appearance, with a snug fit and an engineered knit upper. The outsole is made of rubber for improved grip, while the insole is made of two densities of foam.

Puma’s official product page describes the socks as “designed for indoor and in-arena use, it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best.”

The rest of Puma’s product description is a little vague, but it apparently features:

  • Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode
  • Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode
  • Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode

Puma isn’t the only athleticwear brand with shoes designed specifically for gamers. Adidas announced a partnership with top gamer Ninja in August. The first collaboration between Ninja and Adidas ⁠— called the “Time In” Nite Jogger ⁠— will release globally on Dec. 31 in kids’ and adult sizing.

Luxury brands are also embracing the gaming community. Earlier this month, Louis Vuitton unveiled a collaboration with “League of Legends” maker Riot Games that includes ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and other accessories.

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