UAE based chat app ‘ToTok’ removed from Apple & Google App Store over Spying

Developers of ‘ToTok‘, a popular messaging application, have rebuffed accusations of their service being a spyware and misusing users’ information, saying that the company has made security and privacy as its priority “since day one”.

Tech giants Apple and Google have removed the United Arab Emirates-based messaging app ToTok from their app stores over allegations of spying.

The decision came after a report by the New York Times claiming on Sunday that the program was being used by the U.A.E. as a tool for mass surveillance of its citizens, according to the Business Insider news website.

Google accused the app of violating its policies.

The New York Times claimed that the messaging app had close ties to an Abu Dhabi-based hacking company, DarkMatter, which is currently under investigation by the FBI.

Launched a few months back, ToTok was downloaded millions of times from the Apple and Google app stores by users throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Although a majority of its users are based in the UAE, ToTok became one of the most downloaded social apps in the US earlier this month.

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