Coronavirus Effect: India’s Internet Speed Decline Amid Lockdown

Coronavirus has resulted in a large part of the population working from home. Confined to their homes during the lockdown, the population is also consuming a lot of internet data. Cheap data plans have gotten people using their data and broadband more than ever. However, the internet infrastructure in India has taken a hit as a result.

Whether we use our smartphones or computers, the Internet is absolutely necessary. And if you are an Indian internet user, and you think that your internet isn’t working as fast as it used to be, you aren’t wrong.

In a Ookla’s recent report, the internet speed ranking of the country has reportedly dropped in the world’s ranking. In March 2020, for the fixed broadband category, India was at the 71st position – 2 spots down and 130th (2 spots down again) for mobile.

The speeds for fixed broadband have dropped to 35.98 Mbps from 39.65 Mbps. Meanwhile, internet speeds for mobile users have fallen by 1.68 Mbps.

The decline in India’s average fixed broadband speed has started from the beginning of 2020 with a 5.5 Mbps drop from 41.48 Mbps back in January to only 35.98 Mbps in March.

CEO of Ookla, Doug Suttles, explains that because so many using the Internet during the total lockdown, putting pressure on the networks, leading to the Internet being slowed down.

Among all countries around the top, the top of the list position for mobile internet at 83.52 Mbps for average download speed. On the other hand, the top position for fixed broadband speed belonged to Singapore at 197.26 Mbps for average download speed.

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