Most TikTok lights come with a companion app so that you can customize colors as per your liking. With a special DIY selection at the disposal, they also let you create crazy lighting colors that can get along nicely with your videos. Besides, those smart lights also offer a handy IR remote to ensure controlling colors for both the indoor and outdoor shooting can remain smooth-sailing for you. Well, these are just the tip of the iceberg as they have got more tricks in the store for you.

1. Govee – (4.3 stars out of 5 from almost 4K ratings)

Goveee can easily stake the claim of being one of the most popular TikTok LED strip lights on Amazon.

  • Made of top-grade 5050 LED lights, they are durable and sport an elegant look.
  • Boast a massive 16 million colors to light up your TikTok videos in full glory.
  • Using Govee companion mobile app (iOS and Android), you can fine-tune colors and brightness to your heart’s liking.
  • Thanks to the support for both Alexa commands and Google Assistant, you can even adjust lights using voice commands.
Source : Amazon

Buy from Amazon: $33.99

2. IXPI LED Ring Light with Tripod

If you make a ton of TikTok video, you will appreciate this combo of LED ring light with tripod.

  • The IXPI ring light comes with tripod stand & cell phone holder.
  • It can help you record awesome TikTok videos, capture photos, and live stream whenever you want.
  • You don’t have to depend on the room lighting conditions as it will light your face like the Sun.
  • And since you don’t have to hold the smartphone, you can express yourself freely.
  • The light itself includes 120 bulbs that bring exceptional brightness.
  • It offers three color modes; white, warm yellow, and warm white, with each mode offering 10 stages of brightness controls.
  • Whatever your skin type is, you can shine in this light.
Source : Amazon

Buy from Amazon: $45.99


If you don’t want to settle with anything less than a top-notch TikTok light, you shouldn’t give a miss to this offering from EJ’s Super Car.

  • Using its mobile app, you can control the 16 million colors as desired.
  • To meet your different demands, it features multiple light modes such as strode, cool, flashing, gradient, and breathing.
  • So, it doesn’t matter whether you wish to shoot a fun-loving TikTok video or go for an action-packed clip, these lights can easily cater to your taste.
  • That’s not all, the IR remote control, waterproof design, a smart music mode, built-in sensitivity, and a fully adjustable microphone make it an all-in-one LED light for TikTok.
Source: Amazon

Buy from Amazon: $47.99


If you are looking for a reasonably good yet cheap TikTok light, I would recommend you to check out MINGER.

  • Despite being priced at just $23, this LED strip light is up to the mark in most aspects.
  • One of its notable features is the ability to change colors and speed automatically.
  • Besides that, it also features RGB(Red, Green, Blue), 16 multicolored options, and the super cool DIY selection to let you create nice LED lighting for your exciting TikTok videos.
  • Furthermore, it also comes with an IR remote control to let you adjust lighting comfortably.
Source: Amazon

Buy from Amazon: $22.99

5. Inkeltech

There is a lot to like in Inkeltech ring light.

  • First and foremost, it comes with a super handy IR remote controller so that you can control the lights, adjust the color temperature, fine-tune skin tones, or even switch between the cold white light and warm light to get rid of blemishes without having to use color filters.
  • Second, the LED SMD design coupled with the 480 pcs LED beads provide much-improved lights so that your TikTok videos can look at their absolute best.
  • And third, Inkeltech Ring Light features a 360° rotatable phone holder and a retractable tripod that lets you capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting.
  • Long story short, if you are on the lookout for a complete TikTok light kit, look no further than Inkeltech.
Source : Amazon

Buy from Amazon: $125.95

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