Tiny Explosions to Make Electric Cars more Safer

On a daily basis we always get to know that the cars are getting exploded or catches fire whether during an accident or standing still. We also think this might be problem in electric cars as they don’t have the fuel tanks but that is not necessarily true because electric vehicles also have many electrical components like batteries where explosion is possible.

To solve this problem, Bosch has solution that comes in the form of tiny explosions. When we heard for the first time it might sound a bit absurd, but these are tiny controlled explosions that happen when an accident takes place.

According to Karl-Heinz Knorr, vice-president of the German firefighters association, “Faced with the growing number of electric vehicles that could potentially be involved in collisions, such systems are absolutely essential if we are to fulfill our mission of helping and rescuing victims of road accidents as rapidly and safely as possible.”

The idea is very simple that during accident or fire the controlled explosions will cut off the high-voltage cable that connects the battery and the other electronics.

And when you cut off the connection then it should help reduce the risk of electric shock or even fire. This is not a full-proof solution but this will at the very least it should take some of them out of the equation.

It also helps emergency responders who could risk at electric shock.

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